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7 min read5 Reasons to Build an MVP With No Code in 2022

You’ve most likely heard the haunting numbers: they say 9 out of 10 startups fail. We all know stories of thousands or even millions in lost investments – anyone with as little as one foot in the startup space knows how difficult it can be to succeed. But what is it exactly that goes wrong? 

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Well, in most cases, products aren’t thoroughly tested before they’re built. That’s how founders get thousands of dollars and a whole lot of hours down the line with an unsuccessful product. You’re probably thinking, well, why didn’t they test before building? It does seem pretty natural to want to test an idea before you invest a ton of money into it. That’s where your MVP (Minimum Viable Product) comes in. 

It’s actually not that simple. Building an MVP allows startup founders to thoroughly test and contemplate their idea before taking it live. They get the feedback they need before going all out. The issue is that these MVPs can get pretty costly, which obviously defeats the purpose of building one before investing in a product: most MVPs cost anywhere between $30,000 to $60,000. Startup founders will typically build MVPs before going through all funding rounds, so if their MVP ends up costing much more money than expected, it all ends up becoming a vicious cycle of injecting money into an untested product. 

Let’s cut to the chase – building an MVP with no code software can save you thousands and allow you to focus on your main objective at this point: test your product without the huge financial risk. Yes, you can build your MVP for significantly less cost, even without a technical background. It’s called no code, and it’s revolutionary, my friend. In this article, we’ll be discussing why you should definitely be looking into building your MVP with no code platforms and giving you a few expert tips on the matter. Let’s get down to business. 

You’ll be able to start small

It’s a common misconception that in order to launch a tech product you have to have the technical knowledge or even expertise. Nowadays, platforms like no code and low code allow anyone to build an MVP. That’s one of the reasons why more and more founders are turning towards these platforms for their product development needs. 

With no code, you can get your MVP without hiring a huge technical team. As a founder, you can create a first working version of your product without a full-blown development team – that means you won’t have to depend on programmers to test your product and get the ball rolling. It strips everything down to the most simple and fundamental element: your product. Building your MVP with no code platforms can be done without writing a single line of code: you won’t have to be dependent on the tech experts, which in turn gives you more control. You can start small and scale responsibly as you go along. 

5 Reasons to Build an MVP with No Code in 2022
Glide apps built template help to reduce development time & costs

You’ll get on the market fast

Most people in the startup space will agree that one of the primary concerns when building a product is time. Traditionally, building an MVP means reaching out to lots of different programmers before finding the right match. You might even have to look for a tech co-founder before you invest thousands into your MVP. 

With no code, you can get your MVP fast – really fast. No code platforms have specially designed interfaces, usually with drag-and-drop builders that will let you create your dream MVP in a few hours. It will just be a matter of making the right choices. 

By the way, here at LowCode Agency, we’re experts at creating beautiful MVPs and apps for our clients. We can help you get your MVP up and running in record-breaking time. Visit our website to learn more about how we can help – or book a free discovery call anytime

You’ll save money – lots of it

You’ve probably got the gist by now: no code means no developer, and no developer means no huge investment for a product you haven’t even had the chance to test yet. Building no code MVPs costs a fraction of the traditional price, which will give you huge amounts of financial flexibility. Depending on where you’re at in your funding, this will most likely be a huge asset, eliminating the risk out of the product building process. When you test your no-code MVP, you can bounce back from any failure extremely quickly and with a tiny investment compared to a traditional MVP.

You’ll quickly be able to assess traction

How frustrating would it be to have invested thousands in your MVP, test it, and then have to wait weeks to act on the changes you’d like to implement to create a better product? That’s what usually happens with traditional MVPs. Having to involve a full-blown team in every single change not only is costly but also takes a lot of time. That means that when you assess whether or not your MVP is generating traction, you won’t be able to get the ball rolling as fast as you’d want to. 

No code platforms will allow you to create an MVP, test it and get feedback, whilst making changes as you go along. You can modify anything from the comfort of your computer, tweaking anything you want to until you get your dream product. 

Here at LowCode Agency, our favorite no-code platform is Glideapps – we think it’s the best at creating powerful MVPs with its over 400 beautiful templates. Glide allows its users to create an app in literally a few minutes. We build Glide MVPs and apps for our users because in our opinion it’s a truly great platform with the perfect balance of design and speed. 

Glide apps examples

The bottom line

Chris Wanstrath, the former CEO of GitHub, famously stated « The future of coding is no coding at all ». Whilst we wouldn’t confidently say that traditional coding doesn’t still have its benefits, we do know that no code is a testament to innovation. Isn’t it revolutionary that anyone can create an app, no matter the financial resources, time, and effort they wish to put into it? 

With no code, you can get your MVP built with close to zero budget and very, very low risk. The only thing left to do will be to gather feedback, test, and analyze. No code gives you the opportunity to change and tweak anything that comes up, without needing a team of developers. However, no code doesn’t necessarily mean no expertise. Here at LowCode Agency, we’re experts at creating powerful MVPs and apps for our clients. It’s fascinating to us how effective a well-built no-code MVP can be, so we build them with the utmost care. You can contact us today for a chat about your product and how we can get you to your dream MVP.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What can you build with no-code?

You can build just about anything with a no-code tool—a conference app, an eCommerce website, a ride-hailing app, etc. The only thing that limits you is your imagination.

What are MVP requirements?

To build an MVP without code: 1) Know what problem your app will be designed to solve; 2) Know your target audience; 3) Understand what minimal features your app needs to have; 4) Use a no-code platform to build your app; 5) Have a plan to track the success metrics.

Why use no code for MVP?

No code enables many advantages that entrepreneurs need with an MVP: flexible budget and short development time. You will be able to test your idea to the market as fast as possible, collect the feedback, and prepare for your next upgrade.