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glide vs adalo

Adalo vs Glide: Which No-Code Platform To Pick?

No-code platforms are an amazing way to expedite the time-to-market of your product or solution, which in turn automates workflows quickly and easily. There are many no-code tools available on the market, but not all of them might be the right one for you. Find more about Glide vs Adalo in this article.

When picking a no-code platform, also called zero-code platforms, you need to make sure you are placing resources in the best technology available. Two of these platforms are Adalo and Glide—there is a debate in the no-code community regarding which is better. Let’s talk about which no-code platform to pick between Adalo and Glide and which fares better.  

What is Adalo 

Adalo is an app-building software platform that allows users to build websites and applications without having to learn how to code.

This no-code platform is similar to Bubble, for example, and other no-code platforms, in that it offers a design and website host platform that also has databases, workflow actions, and integrations. 

Adalo can publish to Android and iOS to produce native mobile apps, which can be a real advantage. 

Adalo Homepage

Who can use Adalo?

Adalo is designed for small to medium businesses (SMBs), hobbyists, freelancers, and startups. It is available to anyone who wants to build a mobile app without having to know how to code it, or those completely new to web development, and want to build their own website or app. 

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Why Choose Adalo vs Glide

Adalo and Glide are similar tools because they build mobile-first tools with great UI’s. User interface (UI) design is how designers build interfaces in software, i.e. the look and style of the software.

Adalo has an integrated database, which makes data available to different users without having to duplicate it. It is very intuitive to use and has a close-to-zero learning curve required to soak up its full potential. Adalo also has App Store support and allows design for web/desktop size. 

It has a powerful designer to easily and beautifully customize an app. 

Glide, however, two years younger than Adalo, has slightly fewer features and functionalities. While Adalo can publish through the app store for iOS or Android as a PWA or native app, Glide restricts only to PWAs.

What Is Glide

Glide no code app builder is a specialized no-code/low-code platform and tool that relies on Google Sheets to fuel an app’s data. Specialized tools are those which function only with other tools. 

Because Glide uses Google Sheets, Excel, and Airtable as its databases, you will have complete control of your data in the platform’s visual interface. You can interact with your freshly created database without the use of any code, just as you would with the spreadsheet.

Glide Homepage

Glide allows you to manipulate your data through a visual interface rather than the command line, which traditional databases usually offer. It gives you many components to play around with, such as:

  • A map view
  • A calendar view
  • A user list 
  • A chat interface
4 color squares with different types of templates such as Delivery, Field Sales, Inventory and Property Management
Start with a template and customize it for your needs

Who can use Glide

Glide is made for users whose priority is creating a solution in the quickest way possible. Glide has one of the lowest learning curves out of nearly all no-code tools. It is a great option if you are new to the no-code movement and looking for a quick answer to your no-code needs. 

App prototype built on Glide
Prototype built on Glide

Why Choose Glide vs Adalo

Adalo vs Glide takes much longer to learn and get used to. When it comes to build-time, Glide overshadows Adalo because it’s quick , so it can be great if your priority is hitting the lowest time-to-market. 

adalo vs glide features

Glide is amazing for its simplicity. All you need to do is connect your spreadsheets from Google or Excel or your Airtable database, choose the document you want to upload, and create the design—and voila, it’s ready.

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This sounds like a great feature for busy small-to-medium business owners who need to get things done, fast. 

Adalo vs Glide: Full Comparison

Target Audience 

Adalo target audience: Adalo suits those seasoned no-code users with enough time to build a slightly more involved solution.


Glide target audience: Glide is for people who care to create robust apps quickly and efficiently, with simplicity always top of mind. 

Learning Curve & Ease-of-Use

Adalo learning curve: Adalo takes longer to learn than Glide, but it has great and useful documentation as well as templates to help get started.


Glide learning curve: Glide is easier to learn; the only requirement to get started is to have a spreadsheet from Google or Excel or an Airtable database you can upload to the Glide system.

Adalo ease-of-use: Adalo offers more flexible options than Glide, so it is slightly more difficult to use. 


Glide ease-of-use: Glide is the easiest to use, by far. It takes around 5 minutes to create the most basic template. 

Compatibility & Integration

Glide Compatibility: Glide is compatible with the following browsers and platforms: 

  • Chrome 60 or newer
  • Safari 11 or newer
  • Firefox 60 or newer
  • Android Oreo 8.0.0 or newer
  • iOS 11 or newer


Adalo Compatibility: Adalo is compatible with: 

  • Chrome 60 or newer
  • Safari 11 or newer
  • Firefox 60 or newer
  • Android Oreo 8.0.0 or newer
  • iOS 11 or newer

Adalo Integration: Adalo has integrations with: 

  • External Collections with APIs
  • Custom Actions
  • The Adalo API
  • Zapier
  • Integromat
  • Mixpanel​


Glide Integration: On the other hand, Glide has integrations with:

  • Zapier
  • Google Analytics
  • Make (Formerly Integromat)

Flexibility & Scalability

Adalo Flexibility and Scalability: Adalo can be published as a PWA or as a native app through the iOS or Android app store. Adalo is a no-code all-in-one tool that stores application data and design all in the same place. It offers more customized, flexible options.

Glide Flexibility and Scalability: Glide, however, restricts publishing to PWA only. It is a no-code tool that uses Google Sheets, Excel, and Airtable to store its application data. 

These kinds of specialized tools need to work with other tools to publish their applications. Glide is great for simplicity, not too much for flexibility.

The Tech Is Only Half the Story

Though Adalo and Glide weigh themselves in different criteria and factors, they are both similar solutions that achieve the same overall goal: allow users with absolutely no prior coding experience to produce an app or website.

adalo VS glide

While both have their pros and cons, Adalo is best suited for users wanting to fully customize their solution, and have the time to do so. Whereas Glide is more for someone who wants a fast interface to produce their solution in no time.

Which is better: Adalo or Glide?

Both are similar. Adalo is more customizable and Glide is easier to use. The main difference is that Adalo provides you with native app builds for the Play and App store whereas Glide only offers Progressive Web Apps that can be installed on a user’s device.

Are Glide Apps good?

Glide provides great design options and simplicity-of-use. It is amazing for someone who doesn’t have much time to develop a solution, but still wants a clean result.

Is Adalo native? Which is better, Adalo or Bubble?

Yes, Adalo offers native app builds, unlike Bubble or Glide. That is its main differentiator and makes it simple to publish to native stores without too much hassle.

Are Glide apps PWA?

Yes, Glide uses Progressive Web Application (PWA) technology to power its applications, making it a flexible and modern tool to build your own business solution.

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