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Case Study: Connecting Amazon Sellers with Influencers

We’ve recently built and app that connects Amazon Sellers with relevant influencers so they can exchange social media content for Amazon products or cash.

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Here, we’re taking a deep dive to show you the power of developing applications with low-code/no-code solutions like Glide Apps (and the help of professionals like LowCode Agency!).

Overview of Amazon Influencers Platform

The app works by creating a pool of influencers against which sellers can post specific offers (called “jobs”), shown on the influencers’ end as their main Home page view.

All users must add their signature as a security measure when signing up:

Add signature to AMZ as security measure
Sign up to AMZ Influencers and provide a signature for security reasons

Once the users have provided their signature, they are taken through an onboarding process that asks them whether they’d like to open an Amazon Seller or an influencer account.

The app is built like a true platform where, depending on the user’s choice, a completely different interface will be displayed, with options relevant to the target audience.

Choose a type of profile between Amazon Seller or Influencer
Choose the type of profile that better fits you

Sellers can trade their products for social media posts, choosing the size (number of followers) and region of the influencers. Influencers can see all posted “jobs” and choose the ones they’re interested in.

Welcome to your AMZ profile
An example of an influencer’s Home page within the app

The two-sided nature of the platform is what makes it uniquely valuable for both parties: sellers enjoy a rich ecosystem of influencers ready to accept their offers and influencers get a constant stream of jobs.

Side #1 of the Platform: For Amazon Sellers

Sellers can see the jobs they’ve created and add new ones, as well as see their requests list when an influencer is interested in their job/product post. It’s a great way for them to manage all influencer work.

AMZ Sellers can add a job for their target influencer
The Home page as seen by an Amazon seller rather than an influencer

Sellers can “Add a job” and list the details of their offer so that influencers can send requests accordingly, creating a competitive marketplace where both ends get significant value for their money.

Each job has a description criteria and image
Job description view as shown from an Amazon seller standpoint

Each created job has a description, the criteria for the influencers, an image of the product offered in the job and some details about the product and the seller (price, seller name, etc).

Influencers can “hide” jobs from the public at any time, if they run out of stock for example.

AMZ Sellers can see who and how many influencers are interested in the job
Influencers have the capability of hiding jobs if they are not interested

Respectively, Amazon sellers can see how many and which influencers are interested in their job post, giving them the tools to make an informed decision on which to use for their products.

AMZ Sellers can see their match with influencers interested in the job
Sellers can see “requests” sent by influencers interested in the job

Sellers can then “match” with an influencer when the latter are interested in their job post, and they send their address through (which is an official request status) to receive the products to be promoted.

Once the influencers sends their address and the offer is accepted – it’s a match!

Of course, influencers have their own set of tools to make the most of the app…

Side #2 of the Platform: For Amazon Influencers

Influencers can see jobs that sellers have published according to the influencer’s region, size, and preferences. Jobs that don’t match the influencers’ preferences are hidden by default.

Influencers can click on any job posted to see the details
Influencers can see the jobs created by sellers according to preferences

Influencers can click on any posted job to see the details of the job, the requirements to close the deal with the seller, and what the seller needs from them in terms of social media posts.

Influencers can click on “I’m interested” and the job will then be moved to their request list.

Influencers can click on any job posted to see the details
Influencers can click on any job posted to see job description and criteria

On their request list, influencers can see which jobs they’re interested in with the details and the status. That way, they can effectively manage their entire portfolio of potential offers from Amazon sellers.

Influencers can see which jobs are interested in
Influencers can see the request status for each job they applied to

To make the process of sharing the correct information easier to navigate, influencers and sellers can have a discussion between one another by using the built-in “Discussions” section.

There can be a discussion between influencers and AMZ sellers
The “Discussions” section helps sellers and influencers communicate effectively

Both AMZ Sellers and Influencers can see FAQs to better use the app.

They can also add a comment if they have any questions for the owner of the app to see and respond.

FAQs for AMZ Sellers and Influencers
The FAQ section helps with ironing out any doubt from either end

All of these features were built to enhance the user experience of both parties while maximizing the chances of a successful negotiation and, ultimately, great business for our customer.

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