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Case study: How to automate a patient intake process

About the company

This clinic is located in Hialeah, Florida, and is a leader in innovative healthcare services. Planet Health Medical Center is focused on pain management, physical therapy, massage therapy, advanced physical therapy, primary care, and concierge services. Moreover, due to the pandemic COVID-19, Planet Health Medical Center implemented tests for detecting potential positive cases for collaborators of production companies/businesses and people in general.

Complicated patient intake process

There were quite a few things that were not working for the clinic and their patients, making the whole process complicated, prone to errors and time consuming:

Multiple forms: When a person had to be tested to detect COVID-19, they had to fill out a form with their personal information. This represented a challenge for:

  • Patients: Inconvenience for filling out another form although, previously, they already had completed the same form.
  • Staff: Duplicate information on the master database as the same patient could have entered two different pieces of information (such as phone number or address). 
  • Staff: There was no platform for the staff members to be able to see who was coming into the clinic, who had to be tested and if the test result had been sent or not.

Solution for complicated patient intake process

A Glide web app, fully responsive that can be used on any device with an internet connection, where the patient can choose if they a) come from a company or not and b) if it’s their first time or they already had a medical record with Planet Health.

  • First time/New Client: The patient has to complete the form with all the personal information such as full name, date of birth, etc.
  • Fast form/Regular Client: The patient completes a smaller form with only their email, production company/business name, and their relationship with this production company, the reason for the test, and how they want to be notified. No personal information is required, since we already have that on the DB.

Patients can log in with their email, and see their previous tests and results. They can also see a log of every time they have been tested, and can change their profile details in case they change jobs, email, phone number, etc.

Management of the custom app

Planet Health Medical Center pre-approved employees log in to the app, and they are able to:

  1. See upcoming, current, and previous tests, 
  2. See patient’s profiles, as well as a log of the type of test they require,
  3. Submit the result of the tests. With the click of a button, the user sends the results in PDF format by email to the patient.
automated patient intake process

We configured user roles, so only certain people can use the app, and the admin can give view and/or edit access only to certain users. This way, there’s no need to share access to the database to everyone in the app. Furthermore, every time someone interacts with the app, we timestamp the user’s activity, in order to have a log of interactions from all users in the platform.

Advantages of a custom made app

  1. Friendly usage for Planet Health Medical Center collaborators and patients.
  2. Organizes information more accurately.
  3. Saves time for patients and employees. 
  4. Make sure the data is clean and consistent.

What comes next?

This is just the first version of the app. Apps like this can be enhanced with automation processes. We’re looking at the following projects:

  1. Connect to Planet Health vendors (labs) via an API to automatically populate the test results into the database.
  2. Adding more services and types of laboratory tests to the app.
  3. Generate more robust reports both for internal users and clients.

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