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How to build an app without code FI1

8 MIN READBuild an app for free without coding

Once upon a time, you had to learn to code to build an app. Generally, those aspiring to develop an app were met with two options: 

  1. Hire a programmer that’s willing to do the work for you in a way that makes sense to him or her.
  2. Forget about the whole thing. 

Of course, you can always take a course to learn software development, but that takes time and a special effort, as it is something that involves the learning of a brand-new language.

The good news is that, nowadays, the future looks into our eyes and gives us the chance to build the app of our dreams without knowing how to code. Creating an app is no longer a major hassle for those who have no coding knowledge.

Now, no-code app development removes coding as the barrier between ideas and solutions. Before, creating your start-up or growing your business needed a lot of time, resources, and in some cases, a full team of developers.

Building a no-code app has never been easier or faster. Just keep reading. Here you will find a useful guide, tips, and some of our favorite no-code app builders to help you launch your app in a bit. 

What is an app without code?

A no-code app, also called visual programming, is an app that uses a no-code software design system; meaning that any user who does not know how to program can build an app.  By dragging and dropping components, or pre-built blocks, with the aid of specific tools that minimize mistakes and speed up the process, you can create your own apps! 

Nowadays, you don’t need any previous coding experience and you don’t have to use Python, JavaScript, or Swift to build the app of your dreams. That is a fact. 

What kind of apps can I build with no code?

You can build mobile apps for tablets or smartphones, web apps with your own user interface and back-office features, and back-office applications with which you can better administer internal business data. 

Glide Builder and apps 1

Things to consider when developing an app without code 

Have a plan in place

As you would with a professional programmer, you need to put together a plan that takes into account what you need and what you would ultimately like to accomplish. Not every app builder tool out there works the same way and features its own creative process.

Define the problem

It is important to define the problem that you would like to address and solve for your particular audience, namely, what is the fundamental purpose behind the app.

Give your project a personal spin

Oftentimes, it is very important to provide a personalized context for the app to have a sense of journey. 

Enumerate the app’s features

Think about the elements that your app needs to include in order to effectively solve a specific type of problem. 

Consider your users’ needs

Next, you will need to figure out how individual users are meant to navigate the app. What should their experience be like? Considering your customers’ potential needs will narrow down what to include in your app.

Design the user’s journey

Hooking your user’s interest is dependent on the creation of a narrative that pulls them to the next step. Plan their journey from the moment that they sign in to the conversion moment in a way that they become comfortable navigating. 

App builders that you might want to consider 

The best no-code tool to create your app is the one that best suits your needs. But there are many tools you can choose from to build it effortlessly:  


Webflow is a professional website platform that allows users to create any style of website, including personal, business, and eCommerce sites. 

It might be exhausting to design a website by writing codes. You will not only have to create huge lines of CSS and Javascript code, but you will also have to spend hundreds of hours adjusting syntax and detecting flaws. Webflow aims to solve these headaches by allowing you to create stunning, mobile-responsive websites by dragging and dropping web components onto your designs.

app without code builder: webflow.


Bubble is another platform to consider if you want to get into app development. This no-code, point-and-click programming tool doesn’t require any code at all. Even if you’ve never written code before, you’ll have no trouble learning Bubble. What’s more, Bubble allows you to incorporate logic into your app by simply dragging and dropping. Bubble’s cloud platform hosts all apps.

app without code builder: Bubble


Spreadsheet fans will love Glide as this App builder utilizes them to create the App that you have in mind. It features a free version that speeds up the construction process. Users love the elegant designs of its templates, which can be easily customized.

app without code builder: Glide


Softr is like a walk in the park. People with no experience but lots of passion can take advantage of its building blocks that resemble a lego construction. It is ideal for building apps for all kinds of projects, as it integrates both front-end and back-end capabilities. 

app without code builder: Softr

If you can’t decide, here are some of our blog posts with pretty interesting and detailed comparisons between some of these platforms:

Criteria for choosing the best app builder


This is one of the most important things to look for when you have little to no experience. 

Step-by-step instructions are fundamental and, when an app builder communicates them clearly, it can save you tons of time and hassle. 

Customer Support

It pays to be able to rely on an app that feels like a companion, and sometimes you just need to talk to a human being about what you’re trying to accomplish and how to solve problems. This is why a good customer support system is very important to those who would like a personalized experience when they encounter bumps on the road.

Also, it is quite common for these apps to come with a forum where you can consult and find the answers to common (and not so common) queries. 

Front and Back End Capabilities

The app that you use should ideally be well-rounded. This means featuring strong front-end capabilities, meaning what you can actually see, like colors, text, navigational buttons, and other related interface elements. 

The back end is what you don’t see, and your app builder should have it. This would include mechanisms such as data storage and logic. You can think of these as the puppeteer part of the operation. 

Before we wrap up…

Maybe you have thought about creating an app and now you know that there are no code tools that can help you materialize it. Among many other reasons to go for it, it won’t take you a lot of time and money. 

No-code development is transforming the entire digital process, helping you develop new solutions to transform your business and meet your customers’ needs. A world full of possibilities is waiting for you to take the first step, and we’re here to help. Book your very own free consultation for a chat with one of our experts!

We’ve built 248 apps so far, and we’re not stopping there. Our passion is finding the very best tools, ideas, and ways to unleash the perfect solutions for your businesses.

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