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Clinical automation

Business hack: Clinical automation with a low-code mobile app

Clinical automation should be your next action if your job includes endless tasks from the paperwork, admission, help desk response, insurance claims, etc… Therefore, sometimes clinics can easily provide a bad customer experience while spending too much time with endless tasks to keep the customers and patients happy all the time.

By automating clinical workflow, clinics can save thousands of hours of employees manual work on repetitive tasks and allow them to be more creative in customer services and keep clients happy.

Does clinical automation require a big investment in time and money?

“Going automated is expensive!” – That statement might be outdated in 2021. Thanks to low-code/no-code development, we now can expect to have clinical workflow automation at an affordable price and a much shorter development time.

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“Do I need to invest in big computers at my clinics to start?” – Not at all. It is so much simpler than you can think of, we can easily get started with a low code mobile app.

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What is no-code?

How much of clinical workflows can be automated?

There are more than you think of, here are a few ideas to take on:

Quicker and Easier Records Access

In practice, automation equates to a paperless recording method. Manual/paper recording not only takes up more room, requires more stationery, and requires manual work by your employees; but also means there are more chances to make mistakes. Paperless means everything is recorded on the server in an automated method, which eliminates paper from the system and improves record access. Only a few taps on a phone or computer, and everything is there! On top of that, we can implement logic to the creation of these new records. We can timestamp when the record was created, we can log who created the record, and we can apply some logic, like linking a patient to a provider, or a patient to an insurance company, for example.

Admission and Discharge

The approval phase is a critical component of all healthcare workflows. A doctor or an administrator must sign off on everything. Approvals, on the other hand, might be difficult to get in a typical manual and paper-based system. Approval steps are completed in real-time with a low code mobile app. A doctor may swiftly approve any request, such as a patient discharge. Automated approvals are not only simpler to complete, but they are also more difficult to falsify and provide precise timestamped proof. In the same way, the admissions process may be automated to make it more efficient and reliable. Registration, billing, and insurance are frequently used in the procedure.

Appointments reminder

Rather than having to contact each patient person by person, an appointment reminder feature can easily save hours of wasted effort. An automated call or a notification would naturally remind them of their future appointments, with the option to personalize the message and delivery time based on the patient’s preferences.

Client surveys

Maintaining a customer-centric practice requires gathering feedback. This procedure can be automated, so clinics don’t have to bother about manually emailing surveys to patients after each appointment or remembering to ask them to fill one out each time they visit. Client surveys are a wonderful illustration of the tiny but crucial items that might get lost in the shuffle on hectic days.

Better Communication and Coordination

Automation enables real-time communication across departments, resulting in a significant boost in the overall process speed. With the addition of clinic management software to the communication channel, most of the communication between doctors and the related departments/clinics becomes a hassle-free highway.

We are proud to be partnered with many clinics and help them reduce time and money by applying a low-code mobile app.

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Can I customize my low-code app?

Yes, at Low Code Agency, we offer customized development for your low-code app! We are here to help you understand further the potentials and future of low-code development.

How much does it cost to build a no-code app?

Designing and developing a no-code app is much less expensive than developing one from scratch. That’s because most parts of the app will be ready to go in “modules” which can be styled appropriately.

Are you planning on getting an app or automating a process? At LowCode Agency no code agency we are Certified in the best no/low code tools; we’ve made over 267 apps and we have the expertise in the healthcare industry to help you bring your idea to the next step.

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