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Case Study: Automating a Non-Profit with a No-Code Inventory App

Managing inventory is crucial no matter what business you are in; having your assets in order, organized, and visible is essential for any company. But it’s easier said than done. You probably use three or four distinct pieces of software, each of which handles a certain task related to your inventory process. Not anymore!

The answer is a no-code custom inventory management app. Let’s dive into a real-life case where a non-profit organization was having serious problems managing its internal assets, causing them a pile of mail and unnecessary tasks to track down those assets across all departments.

Sheltering Arms New York is a non-profit organization dedicated to preserving and caring for the social core in the New York area. They offer educational programs for kids and larger youth groups, as well as projects for physical and mental health.

A couple of months ago, they reached out to us at LowCode Agency: a no code agency with a very specific need: a platform that would enable them to keep track of assets held by both current and former employees.

To track the issue of assets when someone departed the company, HR had to send a flood of emails back and forth to the various departments. There was no single location to keep track of, for instance, who had received licenses for certain software. 

How Do We Do It? Our In-Depth No-Code Development Process

Want to learn more about our “Discovery, Build and Launch” process, as well as the end result?

Click here to download a FREE COPY of the case study on how to manage your inventory with no-code.