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Case Study: Automating a Business With a No-Code Custom CRM

Do you own or operate a small or medium-sized business? The need for a customized Customer Relationship Management (CRM) system is something that bothers you on a daily basis? You should read the following case study!

After attempting to build something on his own and testing with a variety of off-the-shelf choices, IntroCRM’s creator, Harris Kenny, turned to us. He has been the founder and CEO of IntroCRM for a decade.

Build your own Customer Relationship Management?

He sought to build his own customer relationship management system (CRM) using Bubble, a low-code/ no-code platform. At long last, after getting used to the interface, he understood that what he had developed was not very good looking, and he knew that he needed to hire a designer in order to enhance the aesthetic of his product. 

For him to be successful, he realized that he would need the ability to integrate his product with project management tools such as Asana and Trello (among dozens of others). Making a straightforward customer relationship management system that could efficiently execute the functions that were required turned out to be a significant task. Even though he wasn’t attempting to build anything as complex as Hubspot, for example, he discovered that developing software is a difficult undertaking. A significant amount of effort had been invested in producing something that would never be used by his clients. 

He had a wonderful idea: he would shift everything back to a simple Google Sheet that could be accessed by his whole team as well as their clients.

However, while the strategy was effective, it was hard to maintain. He had no visibility of what was going on in the Google Sheet. When the client logged in to the sheet to leave a comment, the comment was left unattended since Google Sheets does not have notification functionality. Accordingly, Harris would be unable to expand his company in this manner.

A custom CRM using no-code

Harris reached out to us at LowCode Agency no code agency after hearing about us through a mutual acquaintance. Our assistance to Harris in the development of a bespoke app has proven to be effective for both his staff and his clients. As soon as it was ready (in just 3 weeks), Harris shared the first version of his app with a few select clients for feedback. 

The clear design and ease of use were particularly well received by clients. 

crm examples

A big win for Harris’ team was the ability to receive an alert when a client has rated leads, as well as the ability to keep track of all clients in one convenient location.

These days, IntroCRM is receiving a lot of positive press attention since it allows firms to generate qualified leads without needing to hire a full-time sales representative.

Download the full case study to learn how we can help you automate your business.