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first look case study coaching app example

First Look: How We Built a Coaching App Focused on Players Metrics

We built this complex solution for a company working in the sports industry. It’s a two-sided platform where players keep track of their sports metrics and training, allowing coaches to follow them and possibly recruit them for their colleges.

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This allows coaches to see players without travelling, and find the right positions with the right metrics for their teams. We built 2 apps for this:

Let’s see how both of them work.

First Look: The Players’ Metrics App

In the players app, they sign in in a 3 step process. If they want to, they can add their metrics right away, or do that later. Their metrics are the most important part, since coaches are looking for these.

firstlook players home page

After logging in, players start keeping track of their trainings.

Everything is categorized and subcategorized, and players are rewarded for using the app and keeping an updated log of their activities.

On each log, players can update their metrics.

If they do, we keep track on the back end to show their best metrics to the coaches.

firstlook players profile demo

Players also have a dashboard, where they see 3 things:

  1. A leaderboard, where we keep track of the players who are most active adding their workouts  and where we keep track of players uploading the largest amount of videos.
  2. The skills report, where they can compare themselves to:
    • Other players who are graduating on the same year
    • Other players that play in their same primary position(s)
    • Other players that play in their same secondary position(s)
  3. A college report, where they can see how many coaches have seen their profiles, and in how many coaches watchlists they appear.
firstlook players metrics

Players also have a community, where they can follow each other and see each other’s log, add comments, etc:

firstlook players page and metrics

In their own profile, players can see, add and edit their best metrics, their activities and their game stats. 

firstlook activities players

For their game stats, they mention the college/school they play at, and their stats playing for said team.

firstlook player profile creation

Now, on the other hand, we have the coaches app.

First Look: The Coaches’ App

Coaches sign in and choose their college and position.

firstlook coaches app example

Their profile has to be reviewed by the admin, before they can use the app:

firstlook user profile creation

As soon as they have been approved by the admin, coaches can start creating their recruitment profiles: 

firstlook coaching app example coach profile creation with metrics

On the recruitment profiles, they chose position and grad year, as well as the minimum metrics they need for that position:

recruitment profile metrics

And the output is a matching list of players that have those metrics! Those matching players are added to the Watchlist tab for coaches, where they can start keeping track of the players feed/workout log

firstlook coaches pages and metrics

They can start then following specific players they’re interested in, and see their best metrics:

firstlook screen metrics

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