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7 MIN READTurning Spreadsheets Into Apps: Find + About Glide App Builder

Thanks to the Glide App builder building functional, beautiful, and data-driven apps have never been easier. Glideapps builder is a no-code application that allows non-technical people to build apps that solve real-life problems without writing any code.

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All you need is a spreadsheet to give your app some logic and a little bit of patience.

And the best part is that once you get a hang of Glide, you can build and publish your app in a matter of minutes—no more having to wait for months to get your app idea off the ground.

In this Glide app builder tutorial, you will learn what Glide is really about and how to use it to build your app by simply using Google Spreadsheet. 

What is Glide App Builder?

Simply put, Glideapps builder is a no-code tool that comes with a visual drag-and-drop design editor. With this editor, you can design and build the user interface of your mobile or desktop app by adding and tweaking reusable elements onto the design canvas.

glide app builder homepage

When you are done with your app design, the next step is to add data and logic to your app to make it functional. With Glideapps, making your app functional only requires you to link a  Google Spreadsheet in the Glide apps builder. 

If you would like to add images to enhance the UX of your app, Glide has no issues with that. 

It gives you the option to upload images directly to your app design from your computer. Or you can import them from external file storage platforms like Dropbox and Google Drive. Or you can use some magic inside of Glide and it can create an image by itself! 

What’s more—the Glide app builder allows you to publish your app with just a click of a button.

After publishing the app, you can install it on your mobile or desktop device seamlessly. 

You can even share the app with your friends via QR codes or through a link.

FaxMyDoc an app developed with Glide
App build with Glideapps

How Does Glideapps Work?

To use Glide to build your app, you don’t need to know about HTML, CSS, Javascript, or React at all. You don’t have to be technically inclined in any way to use it either. 

Glide gives you the option to build your app from scratch by adding components to your design. 

But if you are pressed for time and can’t build from scratch, you can use a template. Templates are pre-made app designs that you can tweak and customize to your taste.

glide app builder templates

Glide has hundreds of them. If you are looking to build, for example, a tracker or CRM app, there are ready-made templates for them which save you from the hassles of difficult phases of coding.

There’s a template for literally any app you wish to build. Most other Glide app builder alternatives do not have that much as compared. 

In addition to the design editor, Glide also has a data editor interface. In here, you can edit your own Google Sheet, or you can build your app using Glide Tables, which are Glide’s own database. Glide tables are extremely fast and scalable.. It allows you to feed data into your app directly. 

Alternatively, you may choose to sync the data from Google Spreadsheet rather than using Glide Tables.

As you would expect, Glide comes with a device preview section. This section is where you get to interact with your app as you build it. There’s also a play mode. It allows you to test your app by interacting with it just like a real user would. 

glide app builder

On top of that, there’s a settings panel that allows you to configure privacy settings, who has access to your app, the name of the app, logo, icon, and a lot more.

Building the Perfect App for Your Business with Glide

If you’re looking to build the perfect custom app for your business, it would help if you had a no-code tool like Glide to make the app building process a hassle-free one. 

Since such tools don’t require a lot of technical skills, they make it easy for you and your team to rapidly test out ideas. 

As such, you can build an app in less than a dayand try it out to see if it is a good fit for your business. If it isn’t, you can trash it and start all over without any hard feelings, not to mention the cost and time you’ll save. 

The best part is that you are at liberty to build just about any app for your business. It could be an inventory tracker, an employee directory, a market place app, an employee onboarding app, or anything for that matter

On the other side, you can also customize your apps and make them uniquely fit your needs—no more cookie-cutter apps that barely solve your problems.

4 mobile apps build with Glide by Low Code Agency

We Help You Develop Your App with Glide App Builder

Building apps with Glide can be fun and a rewarding experience. But you might not have much to spare even though you don’t have to code anything because you don’t want to miss out on important functionalities such as scalability and ROI-friendly features. 

Why not leave it to the experts like the Low Code Agency?

Low Code is an agency that helps businesses like yours to build custom, functional apps quickly using Glide. We have developed more than 230 apps and served 32K users over the world with a team of 8 Certified Glideapps Experts.

The best part is that when you partner with the Low Code agency, you can have the app you love without holes in your pockets.

Originally published 15 Nov 2021

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What is Glide App Builder?

The Glide app builder is a no-code tool that allows non-technical people to build functional, attractive mobile and desktop apps without having to write any code. It gives users the option to build from scratch using its intuitive drag-and-drop editor or use pre-made app designs. Glide allows you to import data via Google Spreadsheet into your app to add logic and functionality to it.

How do you make Glide apps?

To make apps using Glide, you can build from scratch using the drag-and-drop editor. All you have to do is add components to your design canvas and then tweak them. Alternatively, you can use a template and speed up the process. After building the app skeleton, the next step is to feed data into your app to make it functional. You can either use Glide Tables or Google Sheets for this purpose.

What is the Glide app used for?

The Glide app is used for building mobile and desktop apps without having to write any code.

How do Glide apps make money?

After building and publishing your app using Glide, you can decide to monetize it in several ways. One of the ways is running a subscription-based business model. Another is selling your app to businesses.