Glide Updates: Math Column

Math column is not a completely new thing in Glide apps however, it received some tweaks.

In the last five weeks, the math column has received some attention as new functions were added, you can find all of them in the glide apps documentation.

One of the new functions is the ability to add a simple date time math.

Let's say you want to calculate how many years have your employees been working in the company.

There's a Date column that shows the date each employee joined the company and we add to the right a Math column which will work out how many years it is, now to do that you need the value of now and that's the new feature: the value of now.

In this field, we have the word minus ( - ) date and then divided by 365, then we're replacing the word now with the value of now and the date with that column, which gives us the number of years since the employee joined the company.

Use math with dates in Glide

You can use this feature for other simple date time math operations.

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