Glide introduces Boosts!

If you are a Glide Apps’s free app creator, you want a little bit more of creative capacity but don’t want to go full pro yet then you don’t have to worry!

Now you don’t have to buy the Glide Pro version to make the most of your apps, with their new boosts you can add more rows to all your free apps made in Glide.

Glide's Boosts
Glide's Boosts

Now they offer for your free apps:

  • Add 500 rows to all of your free apps for $5/mo.
  • Add 1,000 rows to all of your free apps for $10/mo.
  • Add 2,500 rows to all of your free apps for $20/mo.

So if you wanted to add more rows to your Google Sheets doc but your app didn’t warrant to be a pro app then you have an easy solution.

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