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Growing Your Business in 2022 With Glide Apps

In recent years, companies around the world have found themselves in a rather competitive race to digital transformation. Nowadays, it seems as though innovation is crucial to the survival of businesses: around 62% of them had an app or were developing one in 2021. Having an app not only is a way to keep up with the way in which people now consume and process information (let’s not forget that the average US consumer spends more time using apps than watching TV), but it also unlocks many benefits to businesses. You’ve most likely heard the haunting numbers: they say 9 out of 10 startups fail. We all know stories of thousands or even millions in lost investments – anyone with as little as one foot in the startup space knows how difficult it can be to succeed. But what is it exactly that goes wrong? 

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However, creating an app as a business, whatever its size, can be challenging in the best of times. Why? Because there are many steps on the road to building a traditional mobile app. If you’re reading this, it’s probably because you know there’s a much more efficient and cost-effective alternative – it’s called Glide Apps. Glide Apps is a low code app-building tool that will allow you to create an app from start to finish without ever having to write one single line of code. In this article, we’re going to be discussing how Glide Apps can help you grow your business exponentially in this coming year. Let’s get right into it! 

What is Glide? Glide Apps explained

You can think of Glide as a platform that lets you create powerful apps simply by dragging and dropping any elements you want your app to have. Actually, it’s more than that. Glide is a visual editor that allows you to not only create apps in a matter of seconds but also leverage the power of spreadsheets to organize and optimize your data. Let me explain. 

We all know the feeling of staring at an endless, boring spreadsheet, feeling our brains melt in front of the sheer monotony. They’re awfully dull, but we keep using them because we haven’t yet found more efficient ways of managing our data. Well, that’s history. With Glide, you can take spreadsheets and make them into truly responsive and interactive mobile apps. All that within minutes, and for a tiny fraction of the price of a traditional mobile app. 

It sounds nearly too good to be true so if you want a more detailed overview of Glide, we’re Glide App experts here at LowCode Agency no-code agency and we wrote a guide you can read here. We love Glide for its simplicity and powerful templates, that’s why we’ve created hundreds of Glide apps for our clients! 

Glide: helping your small business grow

Does your business need an app? 

Are mobile apps a good investment for businesses? That’s a good question. Some would say an absolute yes: they’re great for customer engagement, an amazing productivity tool, they’ll help you scale your business, aid in customer support and experience, and can increase revenue substantially. 

Others, however, would say that apps are a huge financial investment whose outcome is unclear. That’s understandable, seeing as how an average app can cost a company up to $400,000 for all the phases of app development including: 

  • Planning
  • Prototyping
  • Designing
  • Development
  • Testing
  • Deployment
  • Maintenance

Creating an app as a business can get costly, and can take an awfully long time (three to four months for a single app), which are both resources that can be scarce, especially at a time so uncertain. The perspective of making such a substantial investment can be daunting, and there are many challenges along the way, like finding the right development team and going for the right idea.

Glide – an app for anyone

That’s why here at LowCode Agency we think Glide is the perfect platform for businesses who are looking to get their very own app. It could be for a wide range of purposes, whether you want to improve on inventory management, gather an effortless database of staff, or optimize customer service – there’s a Glide app for anything. 


The benefits of Glide Apps for your business

Streamlined efforts and optimized processes

It was recently predicted that the global mobile app development market will have reached a value of $44.3 trillion by the year 2027. Yet another proof that businesses are going to have to adapt to the huge digital transformation occurring around the world. A few years ago, innovation was a feat you could only pull off with astronomical resources, both financial and in terms of time. Nowadays, thanks to low code platforms like Glide, innovation can be a part of your daily workflow. Let’s talk about some of the benefits creating a Glide app could have for your business.

Who hasn’t dreamed of having a centralized, efficient system for effortlessly carrying out the many mundane tasks of a daily workflow? Glide apps allow you to fully optimize tasks like managing inventory, dealing with customer queries and requests, or even creating detailed databases of staff and vendors. Having a tailored app for a specific purpose opens a whole world of possibilities. You can keep your current processes and business flow, instead of having to accommodate off-the-shelf software.

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Agile decision making

Traditionally, when someone makes a decision throughout the traditional app creation process, someone then has to write hundreds or even thousands of lines of code to make things happen. That doesn’t really encourage agile decision-making in the sense that there are plenty of steps in between the decision and the final result. 

However, with Glide, you can need an inventory app in the morning and have the perfect ready-to-use solution in the afternoon. Low code promotes agile decision making, which in turn encourages company-wide digital automation by allowing for fast, effortless innovative solutions to be implemented.

So much more engagement through simplicity

Being able to use a drag-and-drop interface to bring to life otherwise dull and monotonous documents like inventory spreadsheets or vendor databases can have such a positive impact on a team. Having a beautiful, personalized, and seamless app to work with is what makes the difference between struggling with stale tools and smashing goals day by day thanks to innovative apps. On top of that, there are multiple ways to generate reports, send emails and automate an almost infinite amount of tasks based on actions in your spreadsheet/app.

By the way, it has been proven that visualization really helps in memorizing things. That means that laying out information in an aesthetically pleasing way thanks to algorithms, libraries, and beautiful interfaces can do wonders across a team. Team members will be able to continually assess and analyze information, rendering an overall more positive work environment.

Flexibility and adaptability

The issue with most failed apps is that creators didn’t research the app properly, resulting in very poor execution. Can you imagine spending thousands on an app that ends up being useless once whole teams have worked on bringing it to life? What a waste of time and financial resources. Low code platforms like Glide completely eliminate this risk. 

Glide allows you to edit and tweak your app at any given time, even after you’ve created it and shared it with as many users as you want to. Just another reason why Glide apps could be so powerful for your business. You’ll be able to apply any changes you want, whenever a new need or concern comes up. You can adapt to the bumps along the road, and to the feedback loop you initiate with your team regarding the apps you create.

Glide benefits

The bottom line: Glide, your stepping stone to agility and productivity

Wow, I’ve gone all the way through this article without properly introducing myself. My name is Jesus and I’m the founder of LowCode Agency. We’re experts at creating Glide apps for our clients – in fact, we’ve created more than 230 apps since we started, which is more than most developers will do in their lifetime! Our job is to curate the most beautiful and functional Glide apps for people just like you. How do you say? Well, here’s a quick look at our process:

  1. We have a discovery call where we listen to your needs and try and understand what your dream app is
  2. We prepare wireframes or prototypes of your app and send it all to you for approval
  3. Once you’ve approved, we start building and create a powerful and beautiful app tailored to your needs
  4. We send you and your team the app so that you can run through it and see how you like it. We test and tweak anything that needs changing. 
  5. You can launch your app and onboard any users you want. We help you down the road whenever you need new features and add-ons so you can scale your app. 

Interested? Go ahead and schedule a call with me today. You can also visit our website to discover some of the apps we’ve created. We truly believe in the power of innovation, and our mission is to allow businesses of any size and scale to access the potential that an app has to offer. Looking forward to creating your dream app together!

Glide app development calculator

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Glide app builder?

The Glide app builder is a no-code tool that allows non-technical people to build functional, attractive mobile and desktop apps without having to write any code. It gives users the option to build from scratch using its intuitive drag-and-drop editor or use pre-made app designs. Glide allows you to import data via Google Spreadsheet into your app to add logic and functionality to it.

What are Glideapps advantages?

Glide has all the advantages that a low-code platform could have: easy to use, built templates, and free at first. These advantages will help owners launch their apps within minutes with an interactive user interface.

Is Glideapps good to use?

Glide is awesome to use, even it’s for personal purposes or businesses launches.

Why should businesses go with Glide apps?

Glide apps offer a much shorter & cost-efficient strategy to develop a mobile app. With such a solution, businesses receive great ROI and simple, easy-to-use UI admin which saves internal training time as well.