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3 MIN READTutorial: Create a community app in Glide apps

If you have a community online and want to have all your members in a single place and not in different social media websites, then making a Glide app may be your best bet.

Having LowCode Agency build your app in Glide is easy, fast and much cheaper than the traditional coding methods, but how?

No code is the answer.

With no code, you don’t have to worry about having to hire a full team of IT developers and wait months to get an MVP built. No code lets you have your app in almost a month while saving thousands of dollars along the way.

At Low Code Agency we wanted to show a case study of The Free Birds, a community where the challenge was that everything was in different places: Facebook group, Kajabi, job board, etc.

Glide apps


In this tab, users can can keep track of each other with posts, sharing updates, news, links, resources and more. Users can share images, videos, links, etc. Right from the post, users can a) share the post somewhere else, b) chat with the author and c) add comments to the post, to keep the conversation flowing.


In this section, businesses can post openings for freelancers. They create a listing with a job title, description, salary range and starting rate. Freelancers have access to this posts, and they might even get email notifications for new gigs posted so they can respond faster and get in front of the business right away.


Paid content, only available to premium members is located here. If the user is not a premium member, they can buy the masterclass for a one time fee, pay and get access, all within the app!

Community + Chat

One of the most important features of this app is the community. Freelancers belong to the community to get in touch with each other, learn from each other and stay in touch to share tips, ideas, job opportunities and more. That’s why a key part of the app is the community. Member can get in touch with each other, chat, share links, and more. The community is no longer spread in a bunch of different tools, everything is happening within the app!

examples of apps built on Glide

Do you have a community or provide a course, masterclass or digital goods? An app like this is exactly what you need. You’ll get it in less than 4 weeks for less than 5k. Don’t spend money in a bunch of different tools, and have your clients spread in a lot of different apps. Take back control of your business and your clients with a custom made app.

The app is separated into different modules.

Are you planning on getting your own mobile app? In LowCode Agency are Glide Certified Experts, we’ve made dozens of apps and are more than ready to help you bring your idea to the next step.

Get in touch and let’s start building your app!

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