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10 best no code agencies 2022 FI 1

10 Top No Code Agencies for 2023

The app of your dreams and a million ideas are on your head, but let’s be honest, maybe you are not the “do-it-yourself” kind of person. That’s okay! Don’t worry! The no-code ecosystem has grown up to a point where there are some great no code agencies with teams, processes, and tools that can help you get a scalable, great app in no time.

Although no-code tools and platforms are among the easiest to learn and use, it’s occasionally best to seek out an expert who can help you through the process (say hi to the no-code agencies!).

Check out our list of the 10 best no-code agencies for assistance in determining which tools and teams can help you transform your ideas into reality, from developing efficient workflows to launching completely new products and platforms.

1- Airdev

AirDev no code agency

Airdev helps businesses design and deliver software products in a limited time and budget as a leader in no-code development and Bubble specialists.

From the first scoping call to the last feature, customers get a dedicated product owner and development team who will help them build the appropriate solution. They complete projects in an average of 1-5 weeks and achieve deadlines with a 97% accuracy rate. We’ve spoken with several people who have used Airdev and they have had great experiences. Airdev has a focus on the enterprise client, and we’ve heard their pricing is around 50k to 100k+. For mega projects in Bubble and big budgets, Airdev is a very reputable agency.

2- Luhhu

Luhhu no code agency

Luhhu, a no-code development agency, specializes in automating repetitive tasks and processes to help organizations get more done for less. Andrew, the founder, is A-MA-ZING at Zapier. He runs the leading Zapier agency in the market.

3- Flywheel Studio

Flywheel Studio no code agency

Flywheel is an Adalo expert agency. They provide enterprise-grade no-code online and mobile solutions for clients in a range of industries and locations throughout the world.

In addition, its founder Erik has created Knodalo, a specialized platform to share his knowledge of Adalo. Erik’s experience working as a consultant comes in handy with large projects. His team is very good at design, as well. For clients looking for a no-code app in the app store, speak to Flywheel.

4- 8020

8020 no code agency

8020 is a group of designers, builders, and thinkers dedicated to assisting exceptional firms in bringing their visions to life in just a couple of days. They know how to make it happen with no-code, visual development tools.

This no-code agency focuses primarily on design, and develops modern and appealing products, even when it comes to MVPs. They are focused on building Webflow websites. They are a Webflow Enterprise Partner, and were bought by Tiny, a fund owned by Andrew Wilkinson.

Additionally, 8020’s founder Matt Varughese has created a huge online community of no-coders and developers sharing their knowledge on different platforms like The Visual Developers Podcast which we recommended to you in our blog post about no-code and low-code podcasts and Visual Dev Co channel recommended in our blog post “Top 10 no-code and low-code YouTube channels”.

5- InAir Studio (Formerly Dev Blocks)

InAir Studio

DevBlocks (now, InAir Studio) is a leading Airtable and no-code architecture and development firm that helps large and small organizations automate their processes.

Partners of Zapier, Bubble, Amazon Web Services, Integromat, and On2Air, InAir Studio promises to take your project from scratch to wow. Get in touch with them if you have a large, complex Airtable database.

Comparison: Airtable vs Glide

6- TheFlow

The Flow Agency

TheFlow promises to make your life easier as your partner in launching your next Webflow website, Shopify Store, or any other no-code project. Save money while bringing your company closer to your clients. The agency also offers design and development services in addition to automation technologies and API integration.

Additionally, they are partners and experts in Webflow, Make (former Integromat), Airtable and Shopify. Their Webflow expertise is unique and their design capabilities are incredible.

7- Minimum

Minimum Agency

Minimum helps companies to validate hypotheses without code, build digital products, and implement design solutions based on data to empower business entrepreneurs and product managers to build new products with low-code technologies: Internal tools, MVPs, Process automation, and more. Minimum typical client is a funded startup and minimum builds for them their marketing website using Webflow.

Additionally, Minimum created the No Code Agency Handbook, a guide to share the learned knowledge in its +80 built projects of no-code and low-code technologies.

8- Work and Whistle

Work and Whistle no code agency

Work and whistle is a no-code consultancy run by Drew Thomas, an early pioneer in no-code and a professional developer for nearly two decades.

Under this creative name, this no-code agency carries out consultancy for businesses looking for practical automation solutions. By integrating various platforms, and building and launching quality products, it is possible to become competitive, fast, and effective. Drew is very technical and he’s not part of Bildr, a low-code app builder.

Thanks to his trajectory, we are sure that Drew and his team have something amazing to offer.

9- Optemization

Optemization Agency

Optemization is going to take your remote work to the next level and become your business operationally remarkable. Their area of expertise is the creation of insanely efficient and seamless organizational structures, processes, and habits. They build systems in Notion.

They also devote themselves to assisting people in freeing up more time and focusing on crucial tasks with a clear conscience.

Are you in love with Notion? Want to run your whole ops in Notion? Get in touch with Optemization. They’re expensive but really good at Notion.

10- LowCode Agency

LowCode Agency

And last but not least, ourselves: LowCode Agency. We have a lot of experience building apps and automating processes. We are very good at understanding your idea and converting that into software. And we have the best process to achieve that.

We have built over 240 apps using Glide no code app builder, and a few other projects in Softr, Bubble, Formstack and Webflow. Our clients love us, because we have a system that allows for fast development at great prices, without sacrificing quality.

We love to share what we know so make sure you follow us on our different socials and platforms: Blog, The LowCode Podcast, and YouTube channel to be more aware of this amazing low-code and no-code world.

Get in touch with us today for a free consultation, no strings attached!


Now, you have a more complete picture of the best no-code agencies that can help you bring your project to life. No matter what idea you have in your head or what tool you want to use, we can assure you that each of these agencies and their teams of experts can make it happen.

The power of no-code is that the final product is indistinguishable from products that have been built by writing code… a process that adds considerable time, complexity, and cost.

No-code is a way to build quickly and for less money, without sacrificing quality.

Don’t think twice and join this amazing movement! Give no-code and low-code tools the chance to take your business to the next level, we are ready to help!