No-code development is changing software

No-code is the new big thing, and it's showing with its growth entrepreneurs will benefit from it with a good idea.

Some businesses that worked on manual order processing systems started to receive mass orders thanks to the changes that the COVID-19 pandemic brought.

In past years that would mean overloaded systems and delays in sales which translates to a drop in customers.

However, now with the no-code tools we have, businesses can set up easy and automated processes where customers will only have to make a few clicks to get their order ready.

How can no code help my business?

We recently worked with a studio that had been opened for quite a few years. When COVID hit, as everybody else, they had to close their physical doors. They were scrambling to keep the lights on, so we built them in just a couple of weeks a fully functional app where clients logged in, kept track of their workouts and kept engaged with a leaderboard and community of the studio clients.

We also built an integration with a live video platform, that way when clients paid (in the app with their credit card) for their class, they were able to join the live session headed by certified coaches.

The studio just re-opened, after 7 months, their physical location, however, now they have an additional revenue stream with their app, making 3k a month with live online classes, as well as cross-selling of protein, activewear and other items.

How do no-code tools work?

Pretty simple, they work on a drag-and-drop interface where no-coders can assemble their app just moving around the customizable "blocks" of content.

No-code will help mostly start-ups and small companies make their services known and expand their operations without having to hire an extensive and expensive IT department instead they can find affordable app developers for no-code apps.

Now more people with great ideas can start making their apps thanks to no-code.

No-code lets people without coding knowledge engage in the online market and have their business be known.

This not only lets customers find those businesses easier, but it also makes the internal process faster and efficient.

How much does it cost to develop an app without code?

No code has democratized app making. Forget about spending tens of thousands of dollars for a custom made app.

With LowCode Agency it costs you 2.5-5k USD, and you get your app in 3-4 weeks.

Get in touch with us today and let's start building your next money making idea!