#NoCode, how did it start?

The exact beginning of nocode or visual development is hard to pinpoint, but we do know that it started with the goal of letting non developers create their own apps without needing to learn software development or computer science.

Tools like Glide Apps, Adalo and Bubble.io help developers launch apps and websites faster, optimizing return on investment and allow people to try their ideas with a real app, instead of a mockup.

Glide Apps helps you launch your app faster than with traditional coding.
Glide Apps helps you launch your app faster than with traditional coding.

It has the mere objective of simplifying a process that lots of people think is impossible to do on their own.

Differences between No Code and Low Code

No-code and low-code are pretty similar but there are differences.

Low-code does involve code, even though it’s mainly a no code tool that uses code when needed or in specific cases. Think of a no code tool + a Google Script, for example.

No-code doesn’t use any code at all, so in the previous example, instead of using a Google Script, we would use Zapier, Integromat or a similar no code tool.

For example: with Glide Apps, the users have a visual editing interface where they just have to choose the colors, font type, elements and components in a simple layout editor. No need to know how to properly write rows and rows of Javascript in case you want to develop an app for Android or C code for iOS.

Glide Apps interface.
Glide Apps interface.

Glide even offers tons of templates for a lot of simple business ideas. However, usually it’s better to hire a Glide app Certified Expert. We at LowCode.Agency are leading the pack for Glide apps development!

Why is there no-code development?

We as humans always look for ways to simplify how we work, we do things in a certain way for years until someone or a group of people decide that we can do it easier, faster and better.

If you are a business owner and want to create an app, LowCode.Agency is here to help you!

Even if you know some code but don’t feel confident enough to create your own app then you can give NoCode development a try!

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