Make easy Tinder-like apps with No Code

Using Tinder and similar apps to meet people used to be embarrassing and taboo but with the growth of social media, meeting people in dating apps is becoming more common. It is estimated that a 40% of heterosexual couples in the US alone have met via dating websites and apps.

You can make a dating app tailored for specific demographics, areas or interests.

Discouraged by the app-making process? With the growing popularity and accessibility of no-code you only have to get easy to customize Glide app templates for your matchmaking app idea!

Tinder-like app
Tinder-like app

You don’t need to spend thousands of dollars (or even millions!) just to make one app when you can change everything easily and to your own liking with this Tinder-style app template where users can access a freemium dating app functions.

You can also make a subscription based Tinder like app and make money off it, by selling subscriptions. Your users will be able to see other users’ profiles, but won’t be able to interact with each other until they have subscribed to your app.

This template allows you to make money from the first day.

Subscription-based Dating App
Subscription-based Dating App

Glide apps is a tool that lets you create webapps with Google Spreadsheets and a Glide apps account, that easy! And if you’re not completely sure how to start you can check out the Glide apps Experts’ templates to jump-start your app making process.

No need to hire a big team of app developers or spend months or years learning complex coding languages, Glide apps lets you make apps from simple templates.

Welcome the future of app development with this no-code option, easy to use and understand.

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