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Top 10 No-Code and Low-Code YouTube Channels

To keep yourself in the race for this ever-growing field, you need to keep on learning every day. You can learn how to use no-code and low-code tools from a variety of sources, including blogs, guides, ebooks, podcasts, and so on. But if you are a visual kind of person, then YouTube is the best choice if you’re starting in this field and want to learn no-code and low-code via practical demonstration. We have compiled some of our favorite low-code and no-code YouTube channels, where you can find tutorials, conversations, advice, and DIY tips for all knowledge levels to learn and dive into this no-code world.

Doc Williams

Doc Williams YouTube channel

Doc Williams, who has been on the channel for over 6 years and has 600,000+ views, assists creators in building their internet businesses step by step without knowing how to code.

Doc is here to assist you in crossing the gap from concept to execution, allowing you to achieve actual outcomes.

Max Haining – 100daysofnocode

Max Haining YouTube channel

100 Days of No Code began as a Twitter challenge, when its founder, Max Haining, announced his intention to complete at least 30 minutes of no-code learning each day for 100 days in the middle of the Covid lockdown.

Max witnessed as more people started the challenge, creative businesses being started without needing to code, and partnerships being started amongst other learners as each day passed. That’s when the a-ha moment hit Max, and he started building and growing 100DaysOfNoCode as an online learning community.

This excellent channel will take you on the adventure of Max and his fellow students.

NoCode Talks

NoCode Talks YouTube channel

Ankur Khandelwal, the developer of NoCodeTalks, has received over 50,000 views. NoCode Talks is a YouTube channel dedicated to educating other no-coders and aspiring entrepreneurs on how to design and construct things with no-code tools.

Join Ankur in his knowledge-packed videos that will eventually assist you in developing a profitable product. We assure you that this channel will address all of your no-code development queries.

LowCode Podcast

Low Code Podcast

This YouTube podcast takes you to a series of very interesting interviews with leaders and principal actors of the no-code and low-code worlds.

Its 20+ conversations will help you understand the minds behind this concept, and why not? to learn some valuable advice.

This is a very inspirational channel, which will motivate developers all over the world to learn from those who have gone before them.


Zeroqode YouTube channel

Zeroqode is the leading publisher of no-code Bubble app templates, and they have built a lot of functional app templates with a polished UI/UX.

The Zeroqode team has made templates that look like Airbnb, Uber, Trello, Slack Product Hunt, LinkedIn, Instagram, and many more.

When launching an app, the Zeroqode channel will guide you through the process of creating something truly unique for your product.



With 10+ million views, Zapier’s Youtube channel is the go-to channel for your automation needs. As you may already know, Zapier is a no-code tool that allows users to automate practically every repetitive operation in their workflows. You can use Zapier to link over 2,000 different apps without writing a single line of code or using an API.

Do you want to link your lead generator to your marketing and email lists? That’s something Zapier can help you with. Want to be notified whenever a new post is published on your favorite blog? Yes, Zapier can do that as well. Zapier will help you find ways to save money and get more done with its millions of options.

Coaching No Code Apps

Coaching No Code Apps

Gaby Roman and Kristen Youngs launched Coaching No Code Apps in 2017, a YouTube channel where you can learn how to create, launch, and scale your no-code Bubble app.

And while these gals are Bubble experts, you may also learn about other platforms like Zapier, Parabola, Stripe, and many more.

Gaby and Kristen’s main purpose is to teach you the approach to creating a bespoke app, even if you don’t know how to code or have any technical expertise!

Visual Dev Co

Visual Dev Co

This no-coders community is going to take you through the latest trending news in the no-code and low-code world. They also have very interesting tutorials about many no-code tools like Webflow and Glide. And as if this were not enough, on the Visual Dev Co channel you can also find the complete interviews of their podcast: The Visual Developers, which we recommended to you in our last blog post “Top 15 no-code and low-code podcasts”

Automate All the Things

Automate All the Things

Hosted by Aron Korenblit since 2018, Automate All the Things is a weekly show on YouTube that allows viewers to learn how to use the principal no-code and low-code tools and platforms available, like Webflow, Airtable, Zapier, JotForm, Stripe, and many more.

Accompanied by experts on each of those platforms, Aron is going to teach you how to work smarter, not harder.

Jesus Vargas

Jesus Vargas

We cannot end this blog post without recommending our founder’s channel. Jesus has been in the web development game for close to a decade, having started LowCode to provide non-technical entrepreneurs and business owners with their tech needs. After having built 267+ apps for entrepreneurs and Fortune 500 companies, Jesus is an industry leader in the no/low code space.

And for sure, he has something to teach you!


We hope you liked these top no-code YouTube channels and are ready to bring your ideas to life.

At LowCode, we’ve helped entrepreneurs and business owners by building their MVP’s and automating and streamlining their businesses. We’ve built over 230 apps and have a strong team to help you get your app or idea to the next level.

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