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5 Best Glide Apps No Code Agencies & Experts

Today we will talk about the 5 best Glide apps agencies and experts that can help make even the most complex app ideas a reality, fast and efficiently.

Having an app that centralizes operations, streamlines processes and workspaces creates efficient and seamless customer experiences, and enables positive communication within teams is every business owners’ dream. Until not so long ago, it remained a relatively unattainable dream, at least for those who didn’t have 6 months of development time to spare and between $91,550 and $211,000 of financial resources to allocate to their app. 

However, nowadays, no-code/ low-code solutions such as Glide Apps have made the dream within the reach of many. With Glide Apps, it only takes around 10 seconds to create any app. Users can fully customize their app, using a truly simple drag-and-drop interface, in order to create a platform that caters to needs ranging from inventory to bookkeeping, internal and external communication, and many more. Let’s dive right in. 

Glide apps Agencies

LowCode Agency

We couldn’t possibly go about this comprehensive list of Glide Apps experts and makers without mentioning ourselves. Here at LowCode Agency no-code agency, we’re certified experts at creating Glide apps for our clients. 230+ apps, 32,000 users, and a 100% success rate later, we’re pretty confident in our ability to create beautiful, fully-functioning apps in record time. You can take a look at some of our past projects for some inspiration: you have the needs, we deliver the results. Book a discovery call with us today. 

Riegel Groupe

On their landing page, Riegel Groupe promises to “develop your app in half the time and cost of traditional app development”. That’s just the kind of magic that Glide Apps can deliver. Riegel Groupe was founded in 2019 and is based in San Francisco. 

Though their website admittedly doesn’t offer much information on their process, they seem to offer a rich range of templates that cater to different needs. They boast the development of diverse platforms including “simple directories to complex CRMs and management systems.” 

You can check out some of the Glide templates they use. 

Glide Apps Certified experts

There aren’t many Glide Apps Certified experts out there. However, those who are will be able to help you create amazingly powerful apps. Some of favorites include:

  • Robert Petitto, who is specialized in gamification and education apps;
  • Thinh Dinh, who is actually LowCode Agency’s Senior Developer and has the most experience building really complex apps;
  • Jesus Vargas, our founder, who has made apps for companies like American Express;
  • Amit Sarda, whose specialty is building Glideapp templates.

Glide Community experts

Because of how powerful, original, and captivating the Glide platform is, it has gathered a vibrant and active community throughout the years. Many of the community users are good at building Glide apps for clients. Among our favorites, you can find Mauricio Paz, a Glide community expert with a passion and a great eye for design. He’s actually so good at design that we hired him in 2021 to work with us (part time, while he finished school) at LowCode to build super visual apps and help our clients with branding, design, copy and more. 

Looking for the best Glide experts and agencies? Your search ends here! Our Glide Agency, boasting certified Glide experts, has successfully completed over 273 projects. We offer top-notch services to help you turn your ideas into fully functional, user-friendly apps tailored to your needs. Don’t wait any longer—book a free discovery call with us today and experience the expertise of one of the top Glide agencies in the industry!